Screencasts and all files used in the screencasts are available at the following locations:


Microsoft OneDrive:

Google Drive, alternate location, if having problems downloading from above:

All files I have uploaded are virus, spyware, and malware free. However, it is a good idea to scan all files you download, to ensure they haven't been tampered with.


The PROP_DESIGN Screencasts folder contains the following tutorials:


     1) Using PROP_DESIGN_XYZ data with Rhino - Part 1.mp4

     2) Using PROP_DESIGN_XYZ data with Rhino - Part 2.mp4

     3) Meshing using Netgen.mp4

     4) Finding the Cold Shape using Mecway.mp4 

     5) Static Stress Analysis using Mecway.mp4 

     6) Checking for Blade and Duct Interference using Mecway.mp4 

     7) Pre-Stressed Modal Analysis with Spin Softening using Mecway.mp4


'PROP_DESIGN Screencast' contains all the files discussed in the screencasts.

Screencast Notes:

The screencasts were recorded with Screencast-O-Matic and can be viewed with the VLC media player. It's best to watch the screencasts in the order they were recorded (1-7). The following software was used in the screencasts:

  • Rhino v5
  • Netgen v6.1 Experimental
  • Mecway v5
  • LibreOffice